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Environment Testing Meter

China XEAST Mini low price factory Thermo Hygrometer Digital Humidity and Temperature meter XE-913 factory
Ø Imported high accuracy humidity & temperature sensor,high accuracy,fast response
Ø Color LCD display with backlight
Ø Temperature unit selection:℃/℉
Ø Dew point temperature
Ø Wet bulb temperature
Ø Enable/Disable auto power off
Ø Over range indication
Ø Low battery indicationMore
China XEAST 2019 Mini Cheap Factory Price Digital Light Lux Meter Luminous Light Intensity Tester XE-912 factory

High accuracy, fast response

Color LCD display with backlight

Temperature measurement

Enable / Disable auto power off

Automatically revise parameters for nonstandard illumination

Selectable measurement units LUX / FC

MAX / MIN record

LCD backlight display, facilitating the operation in the dark places.

Automatic measurement

Low battery indicationMore
China 2019 XEAST Handheld Digital Hot Sale with lcd display Mini Sound Level Meter XE-911A factory
2019 XEAST Handheld Digital Hot Sale with lcd display Mini Sound Level Meter XE-911AMore
China 2019 XEAST Portable Color Lcd Display Industrial Digital Anemometer Air Flow Meter XE-915 factory
2019 XEAST Portable Color Lcd Display Industrial Digital Anemometer Air Flow Meter XE-915More
China 5 in 1 multifunctional environment meter light meter sound level meter humidity/temperature meter anemometer factory
5 in 1 multifunctional enviroment meter light meter sound level meter humiditity and ...More
China XEAST 110V-220V 10 head Ultrasonic mist maker fogger humidifier greenhouse Aeromist Hydroponics + transformer factory
1. Atomized water quality and adaptable, the same nebulizer use pure water or tap water can work.
2. The power for a wide range of products to ensure that the changes in the city still under normal use larger occasions.
3. With power supply polarity protection circuit prevents damage to the product user interface instead (reverse does not work).
4. There boot delay circuit, to avoid a power surge current excessive damage to the line.
5. A single sprinkler line using an independent design, and the use of over-current protection circuit, avoiding the burning of a nozzleMore