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Who’s your Goddess of 2018 Russia World Cup?

2018-07-05 14:28:07

The beautiful fans and beautyguests of the previous World Cup have always been an indispensable scene on thegolf course! The same is true for this World Cup in Russia 2018.

At theopening ceremony, Supermodel Nataliya had attracted hundreds of millions offans around the world. Second day,Nataliya became the focus and caused an uproar on social media.

Meanwhile,the beautiful guest Russian soprano AidaGarifullina was also concerned by the fans. Aida Garifullina, born in Kazan in1987, is a Russian soprano singer. It is a national treasure in Russia!

As the gamegoes on, beautiful fans from all over the world appear one after another. Thereis the introversion of Asia, the wildness of Europe and the enthusiasm of the Americas, In a short, the welfare of the majority of male fans come!Look,the Korean beauty fans bacome a beautiful landscape.They wore uniform uniforms and painted the national flag of their country.

France'smost beautiful fans,in the last 16 rounds, France beat Messi's Argentina team4:3. At the same time of the exciting game, the scenery on the side of thefield is also indispensable. The most beautiful fan of France, with long hairfluttering, enjoy with international style face.

Denmark'smost beautiful fans, in the group stage, Denmark and France played 90 minutes,no goals, the Danish beauty became the only bright spot on the field, theshoulder strap slipped just enough to make a good eye.

Colombia'smost beautiful fan, world model Daniela botero, she appeared in the matchbetween Colombia and Poland, causing the commotion of the male fans on thesidelines. The beauty is exquisite, deep eyes, fair skin, flowing hair, It’s sosuffocating and attracted the focus of attention.

The mostbeautiful fans in Peru, the glamorous model Rosangira Espinosa, after thePeruvian men’s soccer team broke into the World Cup, the welfare photos sent tothe fans were also fire. Although the performance of the Peruvian World Cup isnot good, the Peruvian girl is definitely not inferior to other countries.

Iran’s mostbeautiful fans, before the match between Spain and Iran, the Iranian officialannounced that they would allow women to go to the stadium to watch the game.This is the first time since 1980 that Iran has allowed women to go to thestadium to watch football matches. It can be seen that the World Cup is anational carnival in Iran.

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